Benchmark Rates

Edelweiss Retail Finance Limited
SME Reference Rate (SMERR)
With effect from 1st October 2018, the SMERR is 20.50%
With effect from 1st July 2022, the SMERR is 21.50%
With effect from 24th August 2022, the SMERR is 22.00%
With effect from 1st December 2022, the SMERR is 22.30%
With effect from 1st March 2023, the SMERR is 22.60%
Edelweiss Retail Finance Limited
Mortgage Reference Rate(MRR)
With effect from 1st October 2018, the MRR is 20.90%
With effect from 16th June 2022, the SMERR is 22.10%
With effect from 1st October 2022, the MRR is 22.60%
With effect from 1st October 2023, the MRR is 23.55%
Edelweiss Financial Services Limited 2016

Edelweiss Retail Finance Limited (ERFL) | CIN: U67120MH1997PLC285490

The Company is having valid Certificate of Registration (CoR) No. B-13.02149 dated January 4,2017 issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. However, RBI does not accept any responsibility or guarantee about the present position as to the financial soundness of Company or correctness of any of the statements or representation made or opinion expressed by the Company.

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